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You have two options to use Commitments in your Media Campaigns.

  1. Either each line item is matched to the conditions (Default case) or

  2. ONLY the Package Header is "Commitment relevant".

The latter is explained further in this section: 

1. Package Header is matching relevant

We created a checkbox called "Package Header is matching relevant" at the Commitment Condition Object. 

Without the checkbox checked the header will be ignored for matching and the package components will be processed oneself for the matching.

If this checkbox is true the Package Header will be used for matching and the Packages Components will be ignored and get the discount from the Package Header. 

This means that the Package Components inherit the matching criteria of the Header and if the criteria match the items will get the discounts of the Header.Image Removed


2. Example

The Package Header has a condition that matches with site A.


Package Component 2 has a condition that matches with site C and it gets a discount of 17.5%.

Package Header is

matching relevant

Discount used after matching

Package Header 1



Package Component 1.1

15% (overwrites the Component Condition) 

Package Component 1.2


(overwrites the Component Condition) 

Package Header 2



Package Component 2.1


Package Component 2.2