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In order to use the 4.10 Sales and Site Goals (Budgeting and Forecasting) feature each Media Campaign needs to have at least on record with a Team Member in order to assign this to the sales rep.

The split ratio can be entered using the ADvendio object "Media Campaign Team Members", the related list at Media Campaign level should help to create those records.

Enter the split ratio for shared media campaigns:

  1. Navigate to an existing Media Campaign. Otherwise, you have to create one first.
  2. Open the related list Media Campaign Team Members.
  3. Click the button New Media Campaign Team Member.

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Enter the split ratio for different users:

  1. The field Media Campaign is automatically filled with the name of the current Media Campaign.
  2. Enter the corresponding User.
  3. Optional: Enter a Team Member Role as well as Media Campaign Access Level. Read more here 4.2.13 Media Campaign Team Member Sharing
  4. Enter the Split Ratio:
    1. Enter a absolut value at field Split Amount (Forecast)
    2. Enter a percentage value at field Split Ratio (%) (Forecast).

If you enter a value at both split ratio fields, the Split Amount (Forecast) value is used and the percentage field is ignored.

2. Sharing

titleRelevance of this feature

This feature is only relevant to instances using the organization-wide sharing settings

  • Public Read only or
  • Private.


Below is explained which steps to follow to use the Media Campaign Team Member SharingThere are two use cases for the feature which depend on WHEN you have restricted your company-wide sharing setting.

Use Case 1

  • Your campaign was created with its team members while the sharing setting was set to Public Read only or Private.

In this case ADvendio will assign the permissions according to the Team Members automatically.

Use Case 2

  • Your campaign was created with its team members while the sharing setting was set to Public Read/WriteLater the settings of the organization-wide sharing was changed to Private or Public Read Only. Therefore, the user will not be able to see or edit the campaign according to his access level as a Team Member.