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Alternatively to the older Legacy Key Value / PreSet Targeting you can use the improved logic of Adserver Targeting described below, which makes especially the handling of Audience Segments much easier. Learn how to set it up here: Tab Setup.


  • Click on the Edit button (2). This opens the tree view on the right. (If you choose key values (3) you can also add presets (4) 4 KeyValue Preset Wizard (Version 2.105 and up))
  • Navigate through the tree and select the key (5) and then the values (6) you like to add. (Select as many Key Value pairs as you need in that group. Remember those are combined with a logical AND (7)
  • Alternatively you can Search (8) and get a dropdown list to select from.

... Tab Setup Tab Rules

/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/1290458363.5.11 Create Ad Price AdServer ID Assignments -> Black/Whitelisting of Targeting Criteria and Key Values for Products