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Configure Check Availability in the Media Search

Starting with version 2.125 we implemented the Availability Check in the Media Search for exclusive items. Starting with version 2.127 we implemented it also for digital items.



Please take note that this feature can currently only be used by accessing the Media Search via the Media Search button on Media Campaign level.

We are working on making this feature also This feature is not available for:

  • the Media Search started from the “Add Items” button on the Campaign Item Related List

  • the Media Search when continuing from the Booking Calendar and

  • the Media Search when adding items via the Optimizer.


When you only want to see the available results after checking availabilities please turn the according Admin Setting "Only available results in Media Search" to true. 



After the time period is selected and the filter button is hit the Ad Prices are checked against the filters. The exclusive items will get an Availability in the last column of the results.

The results are showing the available units in the selected time frame. If you filtered for contents or ad prices that are connected with contents the column will show how many contents are available in the time frame and add the available ones to the basket if you select the corresponding Ad Price.

To see available Contents in your basket after the selection ensure to include the following field in the feature setting for the basket: ADvendio__ContentAdPriceAssignments__r

What will be done?

Feature Setting Name

Feature Name

Template Name

Default Value

Configure which fields will be shown in the Media Basket on the right.






If the performance is not good, you can update the feature setting “CheckAvailability” from the top to tell the system how many Ad Prices should be checked at a time. The default behaviour is for 10 records. 
If you want to, e.g. check only 2 items at a time, you can set the following value: {"Active": true, "ItemsPerJob" : 2}

How to configure a Target group filter in Media Search

A Targeting Group filter was implemented into our Media Search allowing users to search for specific audiences instead of (or additional to) the known inventory filters.