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individual Campaign Items: How to overwrite Item Type and Goal settings from your Ad Type on Campaign Items(Ad Type, Goal Type, Goal Percent / Quantity)

1Ad Type NameDetailName of the type advertisement e.g. leaderboard should be given so that you recognize it defining Ad Specs and Ad Prices.
2AdTypeAdserver Information

Line Item Type of the advertisement for Ad Manager, e.g.

  • Standard, 
  • Sponsorship, 
  • Bulk, 
  • InHouse,
  • Price Priority, 
  • Network
  • Click Tracking
Remember that 'House' and 'Network' were only transferred inverse to the AdServer until ADvendio - Winter 2017 (2.78). Please also
Please note, that forecasting is disabled for Sponsorship, Inhouse, and Network by a standard workflow "ExcludeCheckAvailabilityWithAdTypes"

3Product TypeAdserver Information

Not used for Ad Manager anymore. The old logic worked as follows: if you have set your Product Type to Interstitial then we submit all SlotSizes as Interstitial to Ad Manager. But only slot size 1x1 is reasonable. We recommend now to use SlotSize "Out of page" to transfer all slot sizes normal, and only the slot size "Out of page" as Interstitial. Please refer to Interstitials (Google Ad Manager).

4Product Search NameDetailThe description that you can use to search for in the Media Search. Optional.
5Media DifferentiationDetailPlease select the correct Differentiation. For more information read here:  3.1.6 Media Type, Segment, and Differentiation
6ActiveDetailIndicates if this record should be used or not. If you like to use this feature read 3.1.9 Active and inactive inventory items
7KeyValuesAdserver InformationDefine key values here, that always will get pushed into the ad server but not into the campaign item.
8Master*SlotsEnter the slot sizes to be booked as a master here. With no companions please enter the slot in the master. Matches the inventory size in Google Ad Manager. Further information: Slot sizes and Interstitials (Google Ad Manager)
9Companion SizeSlotsEnter the slot sizes to be booked as a companion here. Matches the inventory size in Google Ad Manager. Further information: Slot sizes
10Companion Delivery Option Slots 

Sets the delivery option for companions. Currently only used in Ad Manager. (ADvendio Version 2.80 and up). Values are

  • Optional
  • At least one
  • All
11Blocker SlotSlotsPlease enter potential blocker slots here.
12Forecast SlotsSlotsFor multiple slot sizes please enter the slot(s) which are essential for the availability check. Further information: Forecast Mode (Google Ad Manager)
13Report Slots (AI, Clicks,
Viewed AI) 

For multiple slot sizes please enter the slot(s) which are determining your delivery data. Please note that this Setting will also be used for Revenue Schedule and Revenue Schedule Daily and for Invoicing. More information can be found here: Reporting Slots

You might know that the SlotSize in Google Ad Manager is specified with an additional "v". i.e. "640x480v". This is required for the reporting slot.
So please make sure you enter the v for all reporting slots that are using the VAST / Google Ad Manager Video module.

14Goal TypePriority

The type of the goal for a campaign item. It defines the period over which the goal for a campaign item should be reached. It is linked field AdType and while Price Priority is chosen you can pick Lifetime or Daily for example. Priorities (Google Ad Manager)


With version 2.119 and up, it's also possible to override this value on Campaign Item level. Priorities (Google Ad Manager)

15Secondary Goal TypePriority

Used to define Impression Limits for the Billing Category vCPM and works analogue to the Goal Type. The type of the secondary goal for a campaign item. It defines the period over which the goal (Impression Limits) for a campaign item should be reached.

It can be set to

  • daily or
  • lifetime.

Make sure to use it together with the Secondary Goal Quantity in the Campaign_Item (The quantity of the secondary goal for a campaign item. It defines the goal number of impressions for the campaign item to be reached.)

16Goal PercentPriority

Here is an example of how the different percantages in the field will be mapped. An (error) as status means, that there will be an error from the API.

AdTypeGoal PercentAd ServerStatus
Sponsorship100% | 80% | 0% | blank100% | 80% | 0% | 100%(Haken), (Haken), (Fehler), (Haken)
Network100% | 80% | 0% | blank100% | 80% | 0% | 100%(Haken), (Haken), (Fehler), (Haken)
Inhouse100% | 80% | 0% | blank100% | 80% | 0% | 100%(Haken), (Haken), (Fehler), (Haken)

Here you can enter the percentage of total impressions of your network which you want to use for the for Sponsorship, Network or House AdTypes. If the field is left empty ADvendio will push target 100% if AdType is of type Sponsorshipimpressions. The This value can also be overwritten on Campaign Item is overwriting AdType settings.

17Roadblocking TypeSlots

Choose one of the following options:

  • Only one
  • One or more
  • As many as possible
  • all Roadblock
  • Creative set Roadblocking - Display Creatives (Google Ad Manager)How to configure Roadblocking / Creative Display for Display, Video and Master/Companion Items in Google AdManager?

18PriorityAdserver Information

Choose the priority of transmission of this ad type to the ad server.

The priority for always pushing a kind of advertisement into the ad server can be entered here. Gets indirectly defined by setting the Ad type, more details read here Priorities (Google Ad Manager)

19Tile Category (deprecated version 2.106 and up)Adserver Information

Enter the tiling that needs to be transferred to the ad server. (Maps to Label in Ad Manager)


We recommend using the object Adserver Exclusions instead since it offers a new and advanced way to enter 2.1.9 Competitive Advertiser Exclusions and Labels.


Adserver Login

Adserver Information

Just used as a reference to the Login information


Creative Rotation Type

Adserver Information

Specifies the type of Creative.

  • Evenly: rotates evenly
  • Optimized: highest click-through rate will be shown most
  • Weighted: rotates at specified frequency
  • Sequential: rotates in specified order
22Environment TypeAdserver InformationWhere is the ad displayed, choose from :
  • Browser - or 
  • Video Player

The value Video Player also needs to be used to create Line Items in the new Audio format for Google.

Read more here Transfer Video to VAST

23Video PositionVideo VAST InformationRepresents a targetable position within a video. A video ad can be targeted to a position (pre-roll, all mid-rolls, or post-roll), or to a specific mid-roll index.
24Midroll IndexVideo VAST InformationThe index of the mid-roll to target. Only valid if the positionType is VideoPositionType.MIDROLL, otherwise this field will be ignored.
25AGOF AttributesAGOFThis information will be used for the export/Upload to AGOF Connect and is an additional Information for each Ad type.
26OVK IdAGOFThe OVK ID is a unique ad type id assigned by OVK.
27Marketplace EnvironmentAdserver Information

Configures how the Inventory Type is set for proposal line items (Programmatic Guaranteed)

possible values:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Mobile

Please notice that these settings might require additional configuration to work. See also our notes on configuring Programmatic Guaranteed Items for Google Ad Exchange: How to configure products for Programmatic Guaranteed (bookings in Google Ad Manager)


Layouts for Ad Type vary by AdServer and Record Type!