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Let’s say you want to track the click through rate (CTR) of your Campaign Items, over it’s whole runtime.


There are certain fields for eCPM and Clickrate already existing on the Campaign Item object in ADvendio. Please note that those fields are not based on actual delivery numbers, but the proposal numbers (e.g. the goal quantity you want to reach). If you want a real average CPM, you will need create new formulas as described below

1.) How is the desired value calculated?


  • Page Layouts

  • List Views

  • the Media Configuration via Tab Setup

  • Related Lists

  • Custom Reports

5.) Examples on how to calculate different values via formula fields

eCPM or average CPM

Code Block
RevenueField / ImpressionField * 1.000

eCPC or average CPC

Code Block
RevenueField / ClickField

Video view-through rate

Code Block
VideoViewsField (or ImpressionField) / CompletedViewsField



There are no further specific setup steps, besides the above mentioned. All features are part of the connect license and there is no further activation needed.