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Knowing which Commitment Conditions should be matched and applied to Campaign Items where multiple Commitment Conditions matching your Campaign Item it is important to know to which of the conditions the item will be counted towards and which discount will be applied to the item. ADvendio uses a hierarchy which decides this. could match.



Through use of hierarchal matching criteria, the Commitment Conditions are applied based on a specific weighted criteria.


This only applies for the Basic Commitments, advanced Commitments allows for the application of multiple Commitment Conditions of the same type and does not need to consider which is the Commitment Condition with the most weight.

The hierarchy queries eleven different criteria in your Commitment Condition and evaluates a weight according to the following table. The condition with the highest evaluated weight will get the count and its discount will be applied.


* the default weight can be modified by your administrator here 7.2.9 Setup Commitments.


Counting of Campaign Item revenue

Furthermore please note the following behavior behaviour for counting the Campaign Item revenue into the conditions:

  • according Media Campaigns with every probability will be taken into account.

  • the amount N3 will be chosen to calculate.

This can be changed. Please let your administrator take a look at this article for further information: 7.2.9 Setup Commitments.


A commitment has two conditions.


Now imagine that your Media Campaign has a Campaign Item which matches both conditions 1 and 2. Only the discount from condition 2 will be applied as the Ad Price as matching criterion counts more in the hierarchy. Furthermore the item will be counted towards condition 2. Only if the record types which mean you would apply two different condition types to one item, then both conditions could be applied i.e. to customer and special discount and counted towards both unit or revenue counts.



  • No specific setup needed - weighted logic is hardcoded and will be automatically used for Commitment Condition application