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  1. Enter Tab Rule Name. This is just for you, will not be displayed anywhere. And select all Feature Assignments, for which this rule should be used. If you make no selection, this rule is used in every feature if the condition is true.

  2. Select a ConditionDecide if every condition should be met (And) or if one of the conditions needs to be met (Or). Depending on this decision select the logical connection. Default value for this is "And" - every condition needs to match. 
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    Then select Conditions, the Operator and the Value to create an input criteria. As Source, you should use already existing fields in objects like Ad Specs or Ad Price, because Campaign Item fields does not exist at this moment (exception could be the "Edit Item" button). You can also select Profile or Role using the pick list value "Current User". Click the "plus" icon to create a second condition (AND connection). Click the "delete" icon to delete the condition.
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  3. Decide which Actions, that should be enabled or disabled.

  4. Select all Required Fields.
  5. Select all Read-Only Fields. You can also select the Checkbox All fields read-only to have only read-only fields in the Media Configuration.

  6. Select all Hidden Fields