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To use this simply click the Check Availability Button at the bottom.

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It will open an overlay, which will display the results, once the process is done.

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Available with version 2.Image Removed124 and up:

You can also view the results of the last availability check as columns in the Media Configuration. This way no information get's lost. To see these, your System Administrator has to add the one of the following fields to the Media Configuration Layout:

  • Matched Impressions (planned)
  • Matched Impressions (running)
  • Availability (planned)
  • Availability (running)
  • Available (for the flag symbol)

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Every time you check availability, those fields will be updated. If you change an items configuration, after an availability check, you will receive a warning, that the numbers might not be accurate anymore.

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At the moment, check availability will be started for all Campaign Items currently displayed in the Media Configuration. There is no way to select which items to use and which to ignore or to just check single items. 
We're working on integrating this feature in one of the coming releases. If you want to receive updates on the development, feel free to contact your Technical Account Manager or

Starting with version 2.122 the Check Availability for Exclusive Products feature is supported by Check Availability from Media Configuration.


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