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  • All deviations have to be added as credit notes line items, to allow to send this to the intermediary, check here 4.14 Third-Party Commission (TPC).

  • All deviations have to be added to the Publisher Payout Collect. Example: Old position N3=100€, New position N3=80€; diff = -20€ , were a new PublisherPayoutInvoiceItem Assignment will be created to map the -20€

    • This will only be calculated if N3 is used, otherwise the TPC has no influence on the values. 


This extension will add two reports for you to manage and control the process:

  1. Adv. Publisher Payout Credit Note Report: Shows an overview of Publisher Payout which tells you which invoices have lead to a credit note and if the revision had retroactive changes
  2. TPC Revision: Correction Payout Report: Which invoices have been affected by the revision and created an additional credit note/invoice for the intermediary.