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VersionĀ 2.120 and up
Supported Adservers

Appnexus (SSP)

Ad Exchange



Create connection records in ADvendio

To start your journey into Programmatic Analytics, you will first need to save your credentials to the DSPs / SSPs / Exchanges in ADvendio. To do so you will need to create so called AdServer Logins. Open the app launcher and search for AdServer Login.


For our new Programmatic Revenue Import, currently only AppNexus and we natively support Google Ad Manager are supported. For more details on what credentials you need to enter, please look at the following articles:, Xandr (SSP) & Google Display & Video 360. Please see the following pages for more details, about the credentials needed for the connection. Setup AppNexus Xandr SSP and AdServer Connection Setup DoubleClick AdExchange Setup Google Display&Video 360 connection

2.1) Use Salesforce Big Objects

There are two possibilities for the storage of the programmatic data you import from the different SSPs / Exchanges / DSPs. You can either use Big Objects or use a separate storage provided by ADvendio.



For testing purposes, each Salesforce Org has a storage of 1.000.000 rows for Big Objects. To use our features properly, you will need to purchase additional storage space. Please contact your technical account manager so we can support you with that.

2.2) Configure Database connection


To use the ADvendio Storage a separate license, please contact your technical account manager for more information!



Attention: Please use one Username/Endpoint per org! If you want to test in Sandboxes please use a different username and endpoint from your productive environment. If you use the import with the same endpoint in different orgs, this may lead to inconsistencies in your data!

3.) Required Objects, Fields, Record Types