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  1. Click on the Add Item / Media Search button in your Media Campaign
  2. Search for a product you want to use as basis, Please ask your Admin, if there are specific products configured for P161 (see Connect Platform 161 - Manage your Inventory)
  3. Enter at least a Start and an End Date and a goal number of Impressions (as Quantity)
  4. ADvendio will use the Campaign Item Sales Price as Price and the Amount Net/Net as Booked Budget for P161. The actual number of Impressions will be calculated in Platform161 based on this information. That means, is you set Surcharges or Discounts on your Campaign Item, the number of Impressions might not match the quantity of your Campaign Item
  5. Click the button Edit on the field Inventory Targeting, to select Inventory Sources or Direct Deals for your Campaign
  6. NEW WITH VERSION 1.4 Click edit on the field Geographies to select country, region or city targeting for your position. Image Added


Please note that at the moment it's only possible to use include for Geo Targeting. Any excluded targeting will be ignored.

Click Save Item, when you're done with your configuration.


Common Error Messages and their meanings

Error MessageReasonNext Steps
{"errors":[{"source":{"pointer":"/data/attributes/name"},"detail":"has already been taken"}]}
You try to create a new Advertiser in Platform161 with the same name as an already existing one
  • If you wanted to use an existing Advertiser, please make sure the P161 Id field on your Account is filled with the correct ID
  • If you want to create a new Advertiser, please change the name