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You notice differences in the monthly delivery data of your Campaign Items (for example in the first or last month are missing some impressions) when you look at your revenue schedules.

Or if you compare with the numbers reported directly.

Or your reporting of actuals, is required to be based on a certain time zone and you want to make sure the that numbers are divided across the different days/months according to your desired time zone.


Xandr requires to set a time zone for all the reports you are accessing:

It is possible to change, which time zone is used for reporting in ADvendio. This is handled by the user that is used to plan the Delivery Reports in the Delivery Report Settings:

As a default we will use the time zone configured for this user in the user settings at language & time zone

If you are experiencing problems with the numbers from your Xandr items not matching, please take a look if the correct time zone is configured for your user: