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If you customers pay early you might want to reward them with a special "early payment discount". Not only do you need to communicate this to them in their invoice but also earlier on when offering a service. 

1. Manual Editing

Your media campaign records have the following fields:

  1. Early Payment Discount in Percent % and
  2. Days Early Payment Discount in Days
  3. Terms of Payment Days Net in Days
  4. Terms of Payment Text is a free Text field which overwrites the standard text set in your PDF.

This will result in the following lines on your Offer PDF:

Check out the example on which options you have here: Activate Early Payment Discount for Quotes and Invoices.

2. Automated Early Payment Assignment

If you have standardized your early payment off to all customers you can safe time by creating a "Terms of Payment" record. Navigate to the Terms of Payment object using the App Launcher and click on New to create a new record:

Enter a good name for the record

Make sure that if you enter data for 

  • Days Early Payment Discount also the field
  • Early Payment Discount is filled and vice versa.

Click on save.

This record will can now be reference in your Account and Media Campaign. And it automatically set the values for the above mentioned fields. 

Option 1: Select the Terms of Payment in your Account record and select this account as debtor in your media campaign.

Option 2: Select the Terms of Payment directly in your Media Campaign.

This will result in the following on your PDFs: