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Use Case:

You sign a contract with an intermediary to give them 10% TPC if they bring in a certain revenue X. Throughout the year you notice that the revenue has NOT been reached. Retroactively you will reduce the TPC for this intermediary to only 8%.


  1. Have your administrator 8.7 Setup the Third Party / Intermediary Commission Revision feature.
  2. Open a Commitment which you like to adjust.

Clicking on the button will open a new page that will allow you to change the percentage. 

It copies the Commitment name and the Commitment condition name which you also should modify for better tracking:

Then click save. 

  • You receive an email with the results of the process. 

Here is what the automated process does for you:

  • A new commitment and commitment condition are created.

  • All new campaign items should now use the correct (new) percentage

  • Existing positions with the old percentage which have not been invoiced get be adjusted.

  • Existing positions with the old percentage which have been invoiced the difference is calculated  (in the example above old N3 with 10% - new N3 with 8%). These deviations have to be accounted for in the Publisher's payout as well as for the payment of the intermediary (TPC).

  • All deviations have to be added as credit notes line items, to allow to send this to the intermediary, check here 4.14 Third-Party Commission (TPC).

  • All deviations have to be added to the Publisher Payout Collect. Example: Old position N3=100€, New position N3=80€; diff = -20€ , were a new PublisherPayoutInvoiceItem Assignment will be created to map the -20€

    • This will only be calculated if N3 is used, otherwise the TPC has no influence on the values. 

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