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Version 2.112 and up
Supported Adserversn/a

Moat is a third party reporting and ad discrepancy management tool. This data aggregation platform for digital publishers, ad agencies, ad networks and ad tech platforms is an automated reconciliation and aggregate reporting system in the digital ad industry. Moat is integrated into ADvendio and the data can be transferred automatically, together with your regular delivery reports. This helps you to import third party data for all AdServers that are supported by ADvendio!

Connect MOAT to ADvendio

Make MOAT Record Type available for your profiles:

  1. Go to Setup > Administer > Manage Users > Profiles
  2. Select your profile
  3. Go To Object Settings
  4. Locate and click the Object Adserver Login
  5. Click on edit and check the Tickbox "Assigned Record Types" for the MOAT Recordtype.
  6. Don´t forget to save. 

Request a MOAT API User/Login

Please contact the Moat support and request an API-Login, which will be needed for the integration to ADvendio.

Create an AdServer Login

To use Moat you have to create an Ad Server Login first.

The following data will be needed.

  1. Select MOAT as record type and click Continue.
  2. Username: Enter the User Name of your API user
  3. Password: Enter the password of your API user
  4. Network ID: Enter the brand ID you want to use to get your data. To access your brand ids, visit and login with your API User. You can only use one brand ID per AdServer Login. If you want to use multiple brand IDs for reporting, please create a separate AdServer Login record for each ID. Username and password remains the same.
  5. Connected AdServer Login: Please connect the AdServer Login for which you want to gather third party data. Make sure that the AdServer Login you connect fits to the Brand ID you entered. The data from MOAT will then be imported automatically with the regular Delivery Reports you schedule for the connected AdServer Login.

Note: You can validate the Moat integration by clicking the link Check Login at the AdServer Login detail page.

Standard Mapping for Moat

The following ADvendio fields are filled by the delivery reports from Moat.

MOAT FieldMoat DescriptionADvendio Target ObjectADvendio Target Field

Valid Impressions

The number of impressions that were determined to be delivered to a valid endpoint.ADvendio_Revenue_Schedule__c


Valid and Viewable Impressions

The number of valid impressions that were viewable under the MRC standard (50% of pixels in-view for at least 1 continuous second).ADvendio_Revenue_Schedule__c




Audible and Visible on Complete SumThe sum of measurable impressions where the ad played to completion and was visible on-screen.ADvendio_Revenue_Schedule__cADvendio__VideoMetric3rdParty__c

Schedule Delivery Data Reports

Third Party data from MOAT will be imported automatically, together with the monthly delivery data. You don't need to schedule a separate report!

To get an overview about your current configuration open the Delivery Report Settings (via App Launcher). Depending on your configuration the report is managed in the section Monthly Data Settings or Daily Data Settings:

Please click here for more details how to schedule your Moat delivery data.