2.124 and up

Affected Customers

ADvendio Connect Customers using our Google Ad Manager or Xandr Integration

What is changing?

With version 2.124, we renamed the record types for Google Ad Manager and Xandr in our product. This will change the labels of the following record types for the following objects:

Ad Type

AdServer ID

AdServer Login

This will affect how these are displayed in the Salesforce and ADvendio interface.

Why are we doing this?

During the last year both Google and Xandr changed the naming of their solutions. Our goal is to keep our integrations up to date, to ensure a seamless transition from the third party systems to ADvendio and back. While the focus is on technical aspects, we also want to keep the naming consistent.

Our goal is to avoid confusion, for example why Google Ad Manager is suddenly called DFP in ADvendio, but also avoid problems you might face when communicating with your customers.

Do I need to act? What do I need to do?

As we’re changing only the record type label and not the technical name, the change should not affect any functionality. As for our ADvendio features, we made sure that all vital processes, will adapt the change without issues.

Salesforce still offers a lot of possibilities for customization. If any of your own custom logic uses reference to the above mentioned Record Types, please check if your logic is using the Record Type API name and not the Labels. If you use Record Type Labels, you will need to enhance your logic to fit the new naming. Examples for these can be:

If you are feeling uncertain or need help in checking your customization, feel free to contact your Technical Account Manager or