Affected Versions

2.127 and higher

License Plan / Edition

ADvendio Connect


Sales Rep - Sales,

Product Manager - Product Manager / Sales Support / Marketing,

Order Manager - Fulfillment


During processes like submit, check availability, get delivered clicks & impressions or transfer data, you can occasionally see a message, that the communication failed and the system retries to connect. The process then continues.


To synch data with external systems like adservers, SSPs or DSPs ADvendio uses it’s own gateway. Sometimes there are problems in the communication which otherwise would cause the process to cancel. To prevent your process from stopping, we’re recreating the connecting and retry the process several times, before actually cancelling.

What does this mean to you? If you see such a message, this just means we needed to retry the connection. Your request (e.g. the availability check or the submit) is still sent and no data will be lost. This is just for informational purpose.

However if the a certain number of attempts fail, the process will cancel, showing you a clear message:

Our recommendation in this case:

Retry what you were trying to do about 10 minutes later. If the problem persists contact your system administrator to open a support case at ADvendio or directly get into contact via

How to Setup:

As a system administrator you have the option to configure, how often a process should be retried before cancelling. To do this:

You can also modify the text of the message displayed within your Org if you like. For this open Setup and search for “Custom Labels”

Look for a label with the name:


There you can add translations or use translations to override the english text.