Understanding which discounts are applied by which Commitment Conditions


Commitment Condition populate certain fields and values when applying Commitment Conditions discounts and values to Campaign Items.

Special Discount

Scaled Discount

For scaled discounts the TotalRevenue spend for that commitment has to be in the defined range specified in your commitment condition record. 

Third Party Commission

Rebate in Kind

If a Rebate in Kind Condition is chosen the following will be set at the Campaign Item:

Applying Multiple Commitment Conditions to one Campaign Item

Generally it is possible to apply multiple conditions on a single campaign item if the conditions are of different record types. As they influence different fields on the Campaign Item

i.e. it is possible to have a

  1. scaled discount (Which gets written into the Customer Discount/ADvendio__Rate_Discount_2_custom__c  or Agency Discount/ADvendio__Rate_Discount_3_custom__c) apply to a Campaign Item

  2. and a special discount ADvendio__Rate_Discount_4__c condition. 

As the Rebate in Kind will have to be selected manually in the media configuration. If a Rebate in Kind is to be applied the rate_discount_4__c is set to 100%.