You are able to use without an integration. However, you will experience the greatest advantages if you connect your to one or multiple systems you are working with.
This chapter provides information on the ad server integration itself and the advantages from which you will benefit. Read on to find out how to establish the connection to your ad server and how it works in your daily business.

Ad Server Integration

Between and your ad servers, you experience a bidirectional communication. As a result, you are able to stay logged into and don't need to login to your ad server e.g. in order to book campaigns.


Supported Ad Servers

We have currently integrated the following ad servers in our standard: DFP, Smart, AppNexus, and AOL ONE. 
Not all of's features work with all ad servers. We provide a spreadsheet, listing exactly which ad server supports which feature. In general, the integrations of AOL ONE and DFP 6 support the greatest number of features. Other ad servers are in principle able to support certain API features. However, these have not yet been integrated into the standard version of For more information and to get a copy of the spreadsheet, please refer to your contact. We are continuously working on extending our supported ad server portfolio. Check our website for current status:

Administration of the ADServer Connection

Please also refer to: