Known Issues

Here is where you can find a list of known issues either currently being worked on by the ADvendio team or known Salesforce issues. Where possible, we will also provide information on workarounds.


“Roadblocking” feature in Xandr is enabled by default

Features impacted: Submit to Ad Server/ Xandr integration
Version: All versions
Workarounds: Manually disable the feature “Roadblocking” in your settings.

A new issue is in the process of being fixed. Due to a recent change within Xandr, All new Media Campaign items with the “Augmented” AD type are pushed with the “Roadblocking” feature automatically enabled. This easily could be changed in the “Roadblocking” settings. Currently, there is no way to change this setting from within ADvendio.

Select “Disable Roadblocking”.

Users need to confirm a license check before using certain features

Features impacted: Features of the ADvendio Connect & Finance module
Version: 2.131 and up
Workarounds: Your administrator can schedule the license check to run automatically in the background as mentioned in section 2.3 here: Our recommendation is to schedule the job to run once a day, then your users should not see the confirmation window anymore.

Sometimes your users will see a window asking them to confirm the feature activation and license check. Then the user needs click yes in order to start a license synch and continue using ADvendio. In the wake of our improvements to meet the security guidelines of Salesforce we needed to add the confirmation dialog instead of handling this check in the background without being visible to the user. As Salesforce requires, processes which change the users data, in this case the saved license information, need to be actively confirmed from the user, so that he is aware of what is happening. Once the license check is done the feature will work as expected and the user should not see the confirmation anymore. From time to time it might appear again and needs to be confirmed again.

Sometime a user needs to go back and start the current feature again after the confirmation, in order to get it to work. If at a second try you still see the confirmation window and nothing seems to change, please contact

End Campaign Item

Features impacted: End Campaign Item Function
Version: 2.128
Workarounds: see below for more details

Our newly implemented End Campaign Item Function is currently experiencing issues when ending items with an AdServer Login. Due to Salesforce limitations in patching new versions of a flow, the End Campaign Item component in version 2.128 can only be used to end non-delivery data relevant, i.e. no AdServer Login in the AdType for CPM, CPC, cCPM and CPCV. A new version of the flow will be provided in version 2.129.

CPU Limits

Features impacted: Preinvoice Creation, Optimizer and Cancellation Wizard
Version: miscellaneous < 2.126
Workarounds: see below for more details

Users who are creating Preinvoices for many Campaign Items or cancelling many Invoices or Campaign Items which would result in many cancellations have been experiencing CPU limits. This is a known issue due to the amount of changes which are triggered and can result in hitting the CPU limit set by Salesforce.

In order to improve the performance, the has been hard coded for all new customers. Existing customers or customers who are experiencing CPU limits should take the following steps:

  • Clear the old mapping BA by deleting the Source and Target sets of data

  • Only use the Mapping BA were necessary to overwrite default Mapping BA values

Users can also try

  • Break larger Media Campaigns (>100 items) into smaller optimizing versions and/or

  • cancel invoiced invoices individually

If the issue persists, or the options to break down items into smaller versions/cancel invoices individually is not possible in your given case, please feel free to contact us at

Email notifications not sent

Features impacted: all features where processes initiate an email notification
Version: 2.125
Workarounds: none

With ADvendio Version 2.125 - Spring 2020 major release, there is an issue with the email notifications for processes with user interaction/where results emails are generated. This results in emails not being sent to users notifying them, for example, of batch results, availability checks, accounting records results, etc. All customers are recommended to update to at least Version 2.125.1 as soon as possible to ensure users receive all email notifications/communications as expected. Installation link and release notes can be found here.

Invoices only for Package Header

Features impacted: preinvoice creation
Version: >2.125.1
Workarounds: delete preinvoices

Prior to ADvendio version 2.125.1, where there was a gap in the runtime of a Package (i.e it ran from January to June but had no items in April), there would be a zero invoice created for just the Package Header. The amount of all fields are zero and these preinvoices could simply be deleted without invoicing.

Users require permissions to view the Org Setup in order to perform actions with external Systems (AdServers, SSPs, DSPs ect.) → Fixed with version 2.131

Features impacted: Check Availability, Submit to AdServer, Delivery Data Reports
Version: miscellaneous < 2.127
Workarounds: This has been fixed with version 2.131, find more information on the permission settings needed for ADvendio Connect here:

At the moment it is not possible for users to access any actions related to external systems (e.g. checking of availabilities, submit, update of status) without them having the permission to also access the org setup. If this permission is not set in the user profile or assigned permission sets, they will always see the following error message:

“No Salesforce Connection specified”

Please make sure the permission “View Setup” in the system permissions is activated for the relevant users.