Submit Prices to the AdServer

Supported Adservers

  • DFP
  • AppNexus - Version 2.97 and up
  • FreeWheel - Version 2.99 and up 

If you are using the standard ADvendio settings the AdServer API will always submits the value out of your amount n3 field (ADvendio__Amount_net3__c) out of your line item. You can switch this by following these steps:

Navigate to your Adserver login at Overview - AdServer Logins - and choose your Adserver Record: Make sure the field AdServer Price Field is in the layout. There you find three options:

If you choose

  1. Adserver Price the system will submit whatever you have written into the field "Adserver Price"  

    Adserver Price
    ADvendio__AdserverPrice__c at campaign item level 

    within your campaign item. You can build a process, workflow or otherwise automate with which value you like to fill it. If NULL (undefined) we will submit 0.0.

  2. Amount net/net  will submit the value of 

    Amount net/net
    ADvendio__Amount_net_net__c divided by ADvendio_Quantity__c - at campaign item level

    to the AdServer.

  3. Amount net3  will be the same as the standard and submit the field value of

    Amount net3
    ADvendio__Amount_net3__c divided by ADvendio_Quantity__c -at campaign item level


    When using the Amount net2 or net3 for price calculation, the calculated price submitted to the AdServer will include any set discounts or third party fees set on your Campaign Item.

    Please keep in mind that if you decide to use option 1. and you leave the field empty you can NOT use "price priority delivery" within DFP.