6.1.5 Reverse Charge Mechanism

ADvendio supports the reverse charge mechanism for your invoices which means that the account (debtor) that pays the invoice needs to also take care of the value added tax. This gets initiated by checking a checkbox on your media campaign: Reverse-Charge Mechanism. If this Checkbox is set to true the VAT Type on all campaign items will be ignored, set to zero, and on your Invoice PDF the Custom Label VATInformation_BA is displayed in the Conditions of Payment section.

Administration only:

You can modify the Note by changing the custom label VATInformation_BA under Category Billing & Accounting to change the text which appears on your media campaign and invoices. 

Here is what happens:

  • the custom label gets displayed on the Invoice PDF
  • the VAT % Values for all related Campaign Items are getting ignored
  • the VAT amount is set to zero on the Invoice PDF