7.6.6 Set up Flexible Payment Plans (FPP)


Make sure to either use the automated process (version 2.81 and up) or the wizard. We do NOT recommend to mix those two.

Flexible Payment Plan Object

Navigate to the Object Manager and ensure your Flexible Payment Plan object has the following values for the field Creation Type

Invoice at start of the runtime is available from version 2.115 onwards. If you started from an older version, you may need to create this picklist value manually.

ValuesAPI Name
Created manuallyCreated manually
Invoice at Publication DateInvoice at Publication Date
Invoice at start of runtimeInvoice at start of runtime
Invoice at end of runtimeInvoice at end of runtime

Administration Settings

Navigate to the Administration Settings which you can find in the Overview tab in Section Setup and Setting.

1. Define Amount field used for Invoicing

Use this field to define which amount field is used for your payment plans. 

2. Automate the Creation of Flexible Payment Plans (optional)

Version 2.81 and up:

In order to automate the creation of flexible payment plans for your campaign items, you have to do the following:

  1. Check the checkbox in the Administration Settings:
  2. Create your publications date records and make sure to add an invoice date.

Your Sales users then just have to pick one or more publication dates when in the media campaign. The flexible payment plan(s) will then be created with 100% of the amount assigned or alternatively, if more than one publication date had been selected, split equally between the publication dates. So two dates will result in a 50%/50% split, three items split into 33%/33%/34% etc. 

Make sure that your users will NOT use the FPP Wizard once the automation is activated.

 This is a "one-way" feature - once activated it should not be deactivated later as it may lead to confusing and misleading Flexible Payment Plans.

Obey ALL Validation Rules

  • For a campaign item, there can only be one flexible payment plan for any given date
  • A flexible payment plan can't be changed or deleted if it is used/referenced for/by an invoice item
  • Either field Amount__c or PercentageAmount__c of a flexible payment plan has to be defined, but not both
  • The InvoiceDate__c of a flexible payment plan must be in the same fiscal year of the media campaign if feature "Prevent Fiscal Year Overlapping" in settings is activated
  • For a campaign item, the sum of amount of all its flexible payment plans must equal the given amount of campaign item
  • For a campaign item, the sum of field PercentageAmount__c of all its flexible payment plans must not bigger than 100%
  • For package products, if one component product has a flexible payment plan defined, all other component products must have flexible payment plans too