8.4.3 Configure the AdManager Kanban / Console

To set up the AdManager Kanban Console you need to define the process or status steps for your media campaigns and campaign items.

1. Feature Settings

To get there navigate to the App Launcher and look for Feature Settings. Click on the link "Feature Settings".

You can then configure the following fields using Feature Settings. If the records mentioned in the screenshots below do not exist please create new Feature Setting records by hitting the "New" button.

All records have the same feature name: AdManagerKanban and Template Name: Global.

  1. Define the filter fields here to select only "certain" MediaCampaigns or Campaign Items.
  2. Media Campaign Cards (defines the list of fields displayed per Media Campaign)
  3. Campaign Item Cards (defines the list of fields displayed per Campaign Item)
  4. Media Campaign Mapping.

  • Version 2.85 and lower: 
    • Currently you can only use fields at the Media Campaign or Campaign Item as filter fields. Fields from related objects don't work as filters (example: Account.Industry) and might cause errors. You can however use fields from related objects as card fields (example: Owner.Name)
  • Starting Version 2.87 and up:
    • Has an enhanced filter logic that now allows related objects also as filters. i.E. in Campaign Item view you can filter Media Campaign Owner (Example: ADvendio__Media_Campaign__r.OwnerID)
    • We also enabled Fields of related Objects as Card Fields!

2. Mapping

All Media Campaigns and Campaign Items need the field Ad Manager Status field filled. If EMPTY this record is not displayed in the Kanban. You can set up a workflow to automatically write these status fields matching it to your stages, see Chapter 3. 

The Feature Setting MediaCampaignMapping defines the mapping which campaign items or media campaigns status should be shown in the particular column. For this, the value of the Feature Setting will be filled with the value of the field ADvendio__AdManagerStatus__c and the name of the column in which the Item should appear. If the field ADvendio__AdManagerStatus__c is filled with a value not mentioned in the mapping or is blank, then this Campaign Item/Media Campaign should not appear in any column.

The Feature Setting CampaignItemMapping is working exactly the same.





Make sure that the spelling of the status names is correct. The system is case-sensitive. Avoid line breaks between the different mapping values, as they might cause unexpected behavior.

3. Automate Performance Indicatiors

In order to automate setting the values of the admanager status field in Media Campaign and Campaign Item we recommend using:

Technically it is also possible to use the former recommended process flow, but this often leads to performance issues i.e. CPU Limit Errors

Here an example for a field update: 


IF(ADvendio__from_Date__c >= TODAY() && ISBLANK(ADvendio__Ad_Id__c) &&ADvendio__Submit_to_AdServer__c = true && ADvendio__CreativeUploaded__c = false, "New", 
IF(ADvendio__from_Date__c >= TODAY() && NOT(ISBLANK(ADvendio__Ad_Id__c)) &&ADvendio__CreativeUploaded__c = true,"Ready for delivery", 
IF(ADvendio__from_Date__c <= TODAY() && ADvendio__until_Date__c >= TODAY() && NOT(ISBLANK(ADvendio__Ad_Id__c)) && ADvendio__PerformanceIndicator__c >= 1 ,"Running performance OK", 
IF(ADvendio__from_Date__c <= TODAY() && ADvendio__until_Date__c >= TODAY() && NOT(ISBLANK(ADvendio__Ad_Id__c)) && ADvendio__PerformanceIndicator__c < 1,"Running underperforming", 
IF(ADvendio__until_Date__c < TODAY() && ADvendio__Quantity__c <= ADvendio__Delivered_Impressions__c , "Finished goal reached", 
IF(ADvendio__until_Date__c < TODAY() && ADvendio__Quantity__c > ADvendio__Delivered_Impressions__c , "Finished goal not reached", "Other"))))))