Release Notes History

We are constantly extending ADvendio for you. To make sure you don’t miss any of the latest improvements and know what you have to do in order to make these features available for your whole team, we’ve created this page. Check the release notes regularly to implement new features and to keep your system up to date. Here you will find all our latest release, and in the release notes history all older versions sorted by release date:

Updating to the latest ADvendio release might have caused a runtime error of your apex jobs.

If you are getting error messages similar to 'Ad-Server Delivery Report Lifetime' : Attempt to de-reference a null object Please reschedule the following APEX jobs:

  1. Delivery report. Here is how: 5.3.2 Edit Delivery Data Report Interval
  2. Account Turnover (class: AccountTurnover). You will have to reschedule with the standard Salesforce function "Schedule Apex" here is how to: 7.1.7 Update automated Revenue Calculation
  3. Campaign Item Revenue Split (class: CampaignItemRevenueSplit). You will have to reschedule with the standard Salesforce function "Schedule Apex" here is how to: Schedule APEX job for Revenue Split

Attention - Please abide the following update order:

In order to successfully update ADvendio to the newest version you first need to install Version 2.82.1. If you are coming from a version lower then that, please use the following installation link:

Production: Installation Link 2.82.2

Sandbox: Installation Link 2.82.2

Else you will receive an error message upon installation. Don't worry your data and current installation won't be affected by that error.

Afterwards you need to install Version 2.104 to prevent data inconsistencies in some cases.

Production: Installation Link 2.104

Sandbox: Installation Link 2.104

All Customers, who are already using version 2.104 or higher can update as usual.

To prepare ADvendio to become Lightning Ready we included new custom tabs for many objects and pages (this will help navigating in Lightning Experience). These tabs however lead to problems while updating to ADvendio version to 2.82 or higher in the case that you have had build your own custom tabs. If you receive error messages about existing custom tabs, please delete the old tabs and repeat the installation. Afterwards the tabs will reappear as part of the ADvendio Package so that your users can access them. See the following chapter for further information: 8.8 Activate Lightning