1.0 Persona, Processes, and Features

Here you can find a simple high-level overview for typically involved Persons/ Roles that are involved when using ADvendio. Also, there is a more detailed list of process steps and their supporting features/ functions in ADvendio.

Persona / Role - Department 

Sales Rep - Sales 

Takes care of customer relations. Creates proposals, working to reach his sales goals, is the first contact for your customers. Is responsible for direct Sales and Programmatic Sales.

Sales Management  - Sales 

Measures all sales relevant KPIs steers Sales Teams. Uses approval Workflows for special conditions, exceptions. 

Product Manager - Product Manager / Sales Support / Marketing 

Defines Products and their prices. Provides all relevant information about the products for Sales and Order Management.

Order Manager  -  Fulfilment

Ensures that all order line item will be delivered in time and to the highest quality for best customer satisfaction. Uses AdServer Interface to submit from ADvendio all the relevant information in just some clicks, uses interfaces to print fulfilment solutions to reach this goal. Receives from AdServer in realtime delivery Data e.g. VAST completions rates, Clicks, Impressions, Conversions, unique users etc. 

Finance Manager / Billing Clerk - Billing / Accounting 

Responsible for Invoicing. Create Invoices for all relevant Orders and their line item right in time with just some clicks to ensure a very short time between order fulfilment and invoicing. Can create Cancellations and credit notes with some comfortable wizard within ADvendio.

Accountant / Bookkeeper -  Accounting 

Responsible for Accounting and Bookkeeping. Receives in realtime all relevant invoices and, as well as being able to make use of profit / accounting data (in the form of Accounting Records) from ADvendio in accounting solutions such as SAP FI/CO, Navision, Sage, quickbooks etc.

Creative Director  / Creative Solutions 

Creates Ad Material, Creatives, Artwork according to the customer's preferences to achieve maximum advertising impact. Using ADvendio's process functions with internal and external approval workflows. 

Process Step and ADvendio's supporting Feature 

In the following section, we have listed a large part of the functions in ADvendio matched to the possible process at publisher / Sales Houses in order to show more details and use.

Role / PersonaProcess step / Use CaseADvendio feature

Product Manager

Defines Products and Prices in an easy / fast way.

AdSpecs and Rate Manager, Inventory & Rates Manager, Package ManagerSalesforce Standard Layout

Product ManagerDefines set rules for applicable discounts or additional surcharges based on established business rulesDynamic Pricing
Product ManagerCreates Publication Dates and Series for Publication Dates, assigns Events to Publication dates, assigns Invoice Date, Material Due Date, Revenue Recognition and Reservation Date.Publication Date Wizard, Salesforce Standard Layout
Product Manager

Aggregates Prices to a Rate Card, sets validity for a rate Card and / or Prices.

AdSpecs and Rate Manager, Inventory & Rates Manager, Salesforce Standard Layout
Product Manager

Imports Building blocks from Adserver and assigns this to Products.

AdSpecs and Rate Manager, Inventory & Rates Manager, Salesforce Standard Layout
Product ManagerDefines Availability for Sponsorships and exclusive Products.Salesforce Standard Layout
Sales ManagerDefines Sales Goals for Advertising Medium, Advertiser, Agency, Time Frame. Measures fulfilment per Sales Rep.Sales Goals and Revenue split by Team Member

Sales Rep

Creates Proposals, Quotes, checks availability before sends out a proposal by email to a Lead / Customer.

Booking Calendar, Media Configuration, PackagesPDF creation, Check Availability, Exclusivity Check, Recommendations
Process ManagerDefines Order fulfilment Process.AdManager Kanban, Feature Setting
Sales RepDefines involved roles in order, thus ensuring that the possible commissions are correctly assigned.Team Member, Sales or Site Goals, Revenue Split
Order ManagerWorks on orders by priority, control individual items, if necessary. Ensures high quality in order processing.AdManager Kanban
Order Manager

Submits relevant Items to an Adserver, avoid double workload and double data entry in many systems by just clicking a button.

Adserver Gateway for AppNexus, SMART, One by AOL (Adtech), Google Ad Manager (DFP), FreeWheelAdsWizz, Targeting Options
Sales RepCreates a programmatic proposal in ADvendio and submits this to an Exchange.Google's Ad Exchange connection
Order Manager

Receives by automatic import, the job delivery Data from an Adserver to ensure the baseline data for invoicing and customer reporting. Creates reports for campaign fulfilment.

Delivery Data, Revenue Schedule/ Revenue Schedule Daily
ClerkCreate flexible payment plans for invoicing of items outside of usual invoicing conditions.Flexible Payment Plan
ClerkGenerates invoices quickly and easily for all billing-relevant orders, with debtor related terms of payment for different Legal Entities.PreInvoice Wizard, Invoice Wizard, Billing Run
ClerkCreates credit notes and cancellations quickly and easily for all billing related orders.Cancellation Wizard
Clerk / AccountantCreates Accounting Records quickly and easily per Legal Entity.Accounting Interfaces
Order ManagerMeets change requests during the runtime of an application. Documents every change revision proof. Transmits all relevant changes to surrounding systems (ad server, Flat planning / Pagination systems)Commercial Optimizer
ClerkProvides the content owner billing / Publisher Payout for the marketing of external inventories with a few clicks.Publisher Payout
Sales RepHold all relevant information for a yearly agreement in ADvendio. Assign Order/ Offers to a Commitment. See by one click all degrees of fulfilment.Commitment
Sales Rep

Define by Advertiser and Agency their discount per time fame. 

Advertiser/ Agency Relation - Discounts / Amount calculation
Order ManagerLabel a Campaign Item for an Advertising Brand or Product to ensure compatible reporting and Industry exclusion. Advertising Brand / Product
Sales RepWrite the course of a customer/agency conversation down.Visit Reports
Sales RepCapture Visit Reports and follow-ups sorted by Sales Rep.Visit Reports
Sales RepSelect customers for transmission of advertising mails.E-Mail
Sales ManagementMonitor daily reports for conversions, Visit reports and other KPI's.
Order ManagerTransmit Ad/placement information to flat Planning solutions.
Interface to Journal Designer o.e.
Creative DirectorCreates Ad Material, Creatives, Artwork according to the customer's preferences to achieve maximum advertising impactAdvertising Material Management
ClerkStore information about the recipients who requested free copies/voucher copies.Copy Shippings
ClerkSettle up of internal commissions
ClerkSettle up of external commissions.
Order ManagerFulfil Cross-Media Campaigns
Sales RepCreate Cross-Media Proposals
AdminCustomize the PDFs to fit your user's needs.
ClerkSettle up of external revenue shares
Sales Rep

Steer document sharing and which external Contact fulfils which role within the Campaign.

Contact Wizard

Process Flow - Direct Sales 

Process Flow - Programmatic / Open auction / Preferred Deals / Programmatic Guaranteed  

Open auction 

Preferred deals / programmatic guaranteed