5.3.6 Enhanced Delivery Data

Version 2.87 and up
Supported Adservers

Google Ad Manager

Version 2.107 and up
Supported Adservers


Version 2.124 and up
Supported Adservers



Enhanced Delivery Data are an additional report you can configure in ADvendio. Enhanced Delivery Data are used to display more detailed information about you items performance and delivery. You can for example import the following information:

  • A breakdown of your items delivery by device type used
  • A breakdown by the country of the visitor
  • More detailed information which placement / site section is delivering what (The default site-based delivery data only use Top Level Domains)
  • For Freewheel: A breakdown which Video is delivering in combination with which Site (version 2.124 and up)

These reports are not imported into ADvendio by default, you will have to enable and configure them first! See below for the different steps to configure this feature.

How to activate the feature

Please ask your administrator to set this up for you. 

  1. Navigate to the scheduler page and check the checkbox under monthly settings. Read more details here 5.3.3 Schedule Delivery Data Reports (Legacy Feature).
  2. "Enable Site based Delivery Data" needs to be switched on in the Administration Settings.
  3. Please read Filter Settings for Enhanced Delivery Data (EDD) to understand the adserver id logic and filter settings. For Freewheel, please read How to configure Delivery Data Imports from FreeWheel to ADvendio on how to configure the report.
  4. Detailed information for Enhanced Delivery Data Mapping (AppNexus) and Enhanced Delivery Data Mapping (Google Ad Manager)
  5. Check out the Enhanced Delivery Data Use Cases.

Time frame

Due to limitations in the reporting API, the delivery reports will only import data up to 3 years in the past starting on the first of the next month (three years back) up to the current date. Example: If today was the 23rd of April 2019 the import will start running from 1st May 2016.
If you like to configure Campaign items with a runtime longer than three years please use the split function to create multiple Campaign Items in order to ensure correct delivery numbers.

Error display

Please also take note that when doing the Enhanced Delivery Data import only 100 positions are looked at to check for errors. Up to 10 errors will be shown to you on the status page linked in the received mail.
To find the error messages for all items please have a look in Salesforce at Setup > Bulk Data Load Jobs.