Setup Google Display&Video 360 connection

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Available with version


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For planing and managing and reporting on Media Buying: Connect

For import of Programmatic Revenue Data: Programmatic


System Administrator


You want to use our reporting and invoicing features to use data from your Google Display&Video 360 network and are looking for a way to enable the connection of ADvendio to Google DV360.



Here are the steps how to set up your DV360 in ADvendio:

1. Set up your Connection Login

Follow the steps in the instructions 7.3.1 Create an Ad Server Login but make sure to use the DV360 record type to specify that this is a login for Google Display&Video360 


You will need to enter the username of your DV360 user, other information are not needed. Please take care of the permission settings for the user that generates the OAuth Token.


2. Generate OAuth Token

Next up you will need to generate an OAuth access token. This can be done with the Generate OAuth Token button

Follow the steps and enter your DV360 User credentials. Once the process is done your configuration is ready to use. You can click on Check Login, to see if your connection is working.

3. Schedule your Programmatic Media Spend data import

You can then proceed to plan the import of your media spend and programmatic data from DV360 (for example, to invoice them to your advertisers). You can use our delivery report scheduler for this.

Enter all relevant data:

  1. Enter the Salesforce Username as well as Password and Security Token.

  2. Select Time and Day information.

  3. Enter an email address for the fields Failure Note Recipient and Success Note Recipient, if needed.

  4. Activate the checkbox Send Success Note, if needed.

  5. Click the button Submit.

Please note that we only import open auctions, impressions/ clicks for deals can be imported by our regular Delivery data import see Chapter 3 or 5.3 Revenue Schedule, Delivery Data, and Status Updates directly from your DFP Adserver.