7.7.10 How to connect Datorama to ADvendio


You want to use my existing Datorama User in order to bring Programmatic Revenue or Media Spend Data from the different Data Sources already connected into ADvendio. To further utilize the data in the ADvendio processes and bring it together with your Order data, you will first need to configure the connection between both systems.


Our current Datorama integration uses the reporting and query API to bring data into ADvendio. To configure this connection you will need to do the following steps:

  1. You need a personal API Token in Datorama to use our integration. This is not a default feature of Datorama. Please contact your Datorama Account Manager on how to receive this token.

  2. Once the token is enabled, you can find it in you Datorama User Settings, simply copy it into ADvendio

  3. Create a login record in ADvendio with your Datorama Credentials (see the table below for details how to fill each field.

  4. Our current integration will need to store parts of the data inbetween in order to generate Media Campaigns, for this you will either need to use Salesforce Big Objects or the ADvendio storage solution. Both require a separate licensing, more information can be found here.

  5. If the ADvendio Storage is used, please create an Additional Login record underneath the Datorama Connection record, by going into the related tab and clicking the new button in the Additional Logins list. More information can be found here.


Once all the steps are done you can use the check login button, to see if your connection is working.

ADvendio Field

What needs to be entered?


ADvendio Field

What needs to be entered?


Record Type




Your Datorama Username



The Personal API Token of your Datorama user


Network ID

The ID of the Workspace you want to access from Datorama.

Currently you will need to configure one Connection record for each Workspace you want to use.




For the configuration of the connection, we generally recommend this is done by a user with System Administrator permissions. This makes sure that there is enough access to all related objects and field.

Additionally you will need to make sure that the following things are available for your users:

  • The Record Type Datorama for the object AdServer Login/Connection (please also check if this record type is assigned to the user profiles)

  • You might need to create a new Page Layout for Datorama which only shows the above mentioned fields and check login button