ADvendio Knowledge Base6.13.1 How to Handle Recurring Payments / Subscription Renewals

6.13.1 How to Handle Recurring Payments / Subscription Renewals


Handling recurring payments/Subscription renewals is important to ensure a steady stream of income and supply of a particular service. Manually extending Subscription Contracts, creating Media Campaigns and generating Invoices can incur substantial overhead which is especially problematic for a lower value, but regular, revenue streams.


Set up your Subscription Contracts

Follow the steps set out here to create your Subscription Contracts within ADvendio.

Creating Media Campaigns for Recurring Payments/Subscriptions

Once you have created your Subscription Contracts and assigned the relevant Subscription Ad Price Assignments, you can now create a Media Campaign for this Subscription Contract which will be used for Invoicing the recurring payment. Simply navigate to the Subscription Contract and press Generate Media Campaign. For error handling and perquisites for Media Campaign creation, see here.


This process will create a Media Campaign suitable for invoicing your recurring payment which will be automatically created as booked with Bill Me set to true.

Setting up Recurring Payments/renewals for Subscriptions

When Subscription Contracts have not been cancelled, and have Assignments that are valid for renewal, you can handle the automatic rolling/renewal of your Subscription Contract to set up recurring payments. To configure your Subscription Contract to automatically renew when not cancelled, they will need to be configured as followed

  • cancelled = false

  • Have at least 1 Subscription Ad Price Assignment valid for renewal

The Subscription Contract will be automatically renewed when the scheduled batch runs and the cancellation period has passed. For example, the Subscription Contract below will automatically renew when the batch runs after 16 August 2020. When the renewal takes place, it is valid until the date of the Subscription Contract, and any Assignments which are valid for the renewal will extend to 30 September 2020.


A new Media Campaign will be created for the new Period, containing Campaign Items related to the relevant Subscription Ad Price Assignments. Once you have your Media Campaign created you can utilise all downstream processes such as Invoicing, Publisher Payout, Third Party Commission, Accounting Records and more.


Once your contracts are configured to accommodate recurring payments/Subscription renewals, you simply need to