6.8.1 Calculate and Issue Credit Notes

1. Collect Invoice Items

The collection process searches for all applicable invoice items and links them to your defined conditions (using the Publisher Payout InvoiceItem Assignments object).

Only invoice items

  • whose periods fit into the defined validity time frame of your Publisher Payout Contract

    • The Accounting Start and End date need to be entirely within the duration of the contract. Invoice Items which overlap Publisher Payout Contracts will not be collected in either contract. 

  • have the status Invoiced

  • and whose Billing Run creation date is after the date the last collection was completed (see Section 1.2) are counted towards the conditions. 

If you have connected one or more AdServer IDs to your Conditions, only Campaign Items with Delivery Data for these AdServer IDs are collected. The system proceeds to create Publisher Payout Invoice Item Assignments for each counted Item and tracks the applicable Invoicing Quantity and Amount.


The Publisher Payout "Collect Button" has to be added to the layout by your administrator. Based upon the amount of data in your system this process might take a while.

If you can't see the button at your publisher payout contracts, please check the page layout and control if the button is displayed in the Page Layout.

Once the collection process is run for a Publisher Payout contract, and Publisher Payout InvoiceItem Assignments objects assigned, changes can no longer be made to Publisher Payout Conditions or Publisher Payout AdServer Id Assignments in order to ensure consistency and accuracy of data.

Here is an example:


  1. Go to your Publisher Payout Contract

  2. Click on the Publisher Payout Collect Button

  3. Click on Start


  1. New Publisher Payout Invoice Item Assignments will be created automatically

    1. These Invoice Item Assignments will contain

      1. A link to the original Invoice Item

      2. A link to the Credit Note Item which will be created by the process below

      3. The Delivered Quantity that the Publisher Payout Invoice Item relates to 

      4. The ratio of revenue attributed to this amount of Delivery Data (version 2.117 and up)
        For more information on Delivery data and AdServer Ids, see Assign AdServer Ids to Conditions (6.8.3) 

  2. You receive an email with the results:

Version 2.109 and up: You can set up a list of email recipients for the result emails. Find out here how to: 7.2.19 Setup Email Recipients

Rounding Differences

Please note, that the publisher payout assignments can have rounding differences especially if you are using impression based billing categories (using delivery data) where delivery and amount might slightly differ. ADvendio prioritizes the monetary aspect to make sure that your revenue calculation is always correct. 

1.2 Entry Criteria for Publisher Payout Collection Process 


2.116 and up

Supported Adservers


As of version 2.116, the Publisher Payout Collection Process has additional entry criteria to optimise the collection process. 

Prior to 2.116, only invoice items

  • whose periods fit into the defined validity time frame of your Publisher Payout Contract 

  • have the status Invoiced were counted towards the conditions. 

However, following 2.116 there is now the additional criteria that each time the collection process is run, only newly created items will be considered. Once the collection process has been successfully completed, the date the process was started will be entered in the field Collection Completed Until. The next time the process starts, it will only consider Invoice Items whose Billing Run creation date is the Collection Completed Until date minus 1. 

For example, the collection for the Publisher Payout Contract below was last started (and successfully completed) on the 17/09/2019. The next time the Publisher Payout Collection is started, it will only consider Invoice Items whose Invoices are included in a Billing Period Created on 16/09/2019 or later. 

The field Collection Completed Until has to be added to the layout by your administrator.

2. Create Credit Notes Manually


2.89 and up

Supported Adservers


To create a credit note open your publisher payout contract and click on the "create credit note" button:

Depending on your set Payment Interval, the transaction type, and the remuneration type in your conditions, the system will create media campaigns for you and link them into related list Media Campaigns.

Impact of Changes and Cancellations

Please note the following impact for the credit note creation if there are changes done to invoice items which belong to the accounting period of already invoiced credit notes: 6.8.5 Impact of Changes and Cancellations.


The automatically created Invoices from theses Media Campaigns will be showing the amount to pay your Publisher Accounts with positive "values", written from a creditor / accounts payable point of view! This differs from all other normal invoices which ADvendio creates from a debtor / accounts receivable view. The PDF Label will be automatically adjusted to mirror the correct transaction and document type. 

The campaign items will match your conditions. So for each condition one line item gets created. The Debtor will be set to your publisher payout account. 

Next you can create an invoice and send this credit note to your third party publisher using the standard 6.3.1 Invoice Wizard. Also don't forget to 7.5.3 Configure your Publisher Payout Credit Note PDFs.

Correction Credit Notes

If your Credit Note Media Campaign has been fully invoiced for a certain period (i.e. monthly: January) and you change something (eg. 6.8.5 Impact of Changes and Cancellations) or new items are invoiced for that period, then these changes get added to the next open Credit Note Item (i.e for February). If there are no open Credit Notes (i.e. you've invoiced all Credit Note Media Campaigns which were expected) then a correction Credit Note Campaign will be created for that Publisher Payout Contract. 

2.1 Email Recipients List


2.109 and up

 You can setup a list of email recipients for the result emails. Find out how here: 7.2.19 Setup Email Recipients


3 Collect and Create Credit Notes Automatically 


2.110 and up

You can use the 6.8.2 Publisher Payout Contracts Wizard to collect the Invoice Items and create the Credit Notes for multiple contracts at once.

4. Advanced Credit Note PDF


2.134 and up

The Advanced Publisher Payout Credit Note can be used to display more information regarding the collected impressions being paid out, broken down per condition. This can be configured by your Salesforce Admin as part of the relevant Invoice Preference.

5 Monitor

With the ADvendio standard report „Connection of Conditions to Ad-Units“ you can check if you have overbooked your "conditions" linked to AdUnits. You will find the report in the folder ADvendio Standard Reports. In the report you can see all Publisher Payout Contracts and their related Conditions as well as the connected AdServerIds.

Use the filters or sorting to check if there are overbooked AdServer IDs.