4.5.3 Working with Packages & the Net Calculator

Version 2.89 and up

If you are not familiar with packages read about the different types here: 3.6.3 Package Distribution Types.

Fixed Quantity Packages

If you are using fixed quantity packages with one of the following billing categories

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • vCPM
  • Fixed Price

i.e. similar to this one: 

You can 4.3.5 Net Calculator within the Media Configuration only to match your customers Budget and calculate the needed Special Discount for each package component. The normal adjustment of the quantity is not allowed and therefore the system can only change the overall net price by using the special discount.

The stand-alone Net Calculator is currently not supporting this feature. It will only let you adjust the Target CPM.

Linear Packages

You can use the Net Calculator on Linear Packages to adjust value for the header.