Why do I see feature activation required / license check has expired and what does it mean?


You are using ADvendio as usual, but once you start a certain feature, instead of the regular process you see the following screen, which asks you to do a license check.


ADvendio offers a number of different licenses, that allow you to use different kinds of features. Carrying out a license check confirms whether or not you have the correct license to use the feature you are trying to use.

License Check

The license check is a features that automatically syncs your Salesforce Org with the ADvendio license database. In order to check if you have the right license for the features you are using.

This sync or check takes place every 7 days. Therefore, you should not see the above dialog regularly, but only when your current license check has expired. This check takes place regularly to ensure the most up to date license information is available within your org. Thats why ADvendio requires to check again for the license information.

To use the feature you wanted to use, simply click the yes button and then continue as usual.

Why are we doing this?

As this license check will modify some of your Salesforce Data (mainly where the license information for your Org is stored), we are asking for a separate confirmation. In order to meet the security standards of Salesforce, we would like to make sure that the user is aware that a process is being initiated and has the change to confirm or cancel.

What if I clicked yes and it still doesn’t work?

If you clicked yes and then see a different screen asking for Feature Activation, this means you are trying to use a feature, for which you don’t have the needed license.

Should it be that you see this screen, despite having the correct license for the feature you’re trying to use, please contact support@advendio.com with your Org ID and the feature you’re trying to use, so our support team can take a closer look.


There is no specific setup required