Breaking Change: AdServer Targeting Field in Media Configuration split into Key Value and Audience Targeting Field


2.130 and higher

External Systems

Google AdManager, Xandr, Freewheel

What will change?

To configure your Audience Targeting for digital products, we offer a separate interface within our Media Configuration. To enable this, you had to add a field via the Tab Setup, called AdServer Targeting.

This enabled you (depending on the connected system you are using) to define Key Value and Audience Segment Targeting, via two separated buttons:

With ADvendio version 2.130, you will now see two separated fields:


Why are we doing this?

We’re introducing this change to enhance your user flow and make our Media Configuration Interface less technical. You will now be able to see at a glance which targeting is configured, without opening the edit interface.

Second, you will have much more flexibility in configuring your Media Configuration!

Only using Audience Segment Targeting? Simply hide the key value column!

Got only certain products, for which Key Value targeting is relevant? Use tab rules to hide this field for all other products!


What do you have to do?

As an existing customer, with the update to 2.130, we will automatically replace the existing AdServer Targeting Field in your Media Configuration as well as your Tab Rules and replace it with both new fields.

In general this will mean the following:

  • If you have specific tab rules which were using the field AdServer Targeting, please make sure to test if they still have the desired outcome.

  • If you are interested in using either only Key Value Targeting or Audience Targeting, please enhance your Tab Setup to remove the other field

  • The Campaign Item field: AdServer Targeting, will still be used to store the technical information of the Audience Targeting, but you will not need to display it in the Media Configuration anymore in order to make it work.

  • Google AdManager Customers: in AdManager, Audience Items are covered within the Key Value Targeting, thus you will only need the Key Value field to configure evrything.


If you want to access the new fields in Tab Setup or Tab Rules, you can find them underneath

Targetings > Audience Segments

Targetings > Key Values