3.5.3 How to import and sync targeting information and ids from connected systems with ADvendio?


You’re done with configuring your basic connection to the integrated systems. Now you will need to make sure that certain information and IDs are brought to ADvendio in order to use features such as targeting on Campaign Items or Audience Segments.

Also, you will need those IDs to select on which Ad Units or Sites your Campaign Items will deliver, if you are using an AdServer or SSP to sell your own inventory.


To start transferring this information, go to the connection you want to use and click on the button ‘Transfer to ADvendio’

You will see a new window opening, where you can select which data you want to transfer. The available options depend on the system in use. For an overview about which transfers are supported for which system, look at the following article: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/1613398028

In version 2.142 we implemented an additional grouping by types to allow a cleaner import of the data you need. You will be able to select either one category or one or multiple types of a category.

Select one or multiple types of a category and click the next button.

You can now proceed to plan your import:

  1. Configure a desired starting time and on which days of a month the process should run

  2. If you want to start the import right now, click the Run Now button

  3. If you click schedule, the automatic synch will be planned according to your time settings

If you click run now, you will be able to see your progress in the window.

Please note that some of these imports will take a long time. Once started, the process will continue to run in the background, you don’t need to keep this window open. The import will finish regardless.

When everything is done, you can see the results. You will also receive an email about the transfer.

To visualize the planned processes, access either Scheduled Jobs from Setup or view the related list on your connection record.

Attention: In the current version of the feature, you can delete planned transfers via the related list, but you can’t edit them. To modify an existing planning, you will need to delete the scheduled transfer and then plan a new transfer.


Fixed import of Parents and Children

Please note that despite the possibility of selecting a single type of ID you want to import, in certain cases, we will need to always import the parents, in order to prevent problems during the import process.

This could for example mean you select ‘Zones’

And after the import is finished, the ‘Publishers’ are shown in the result screen and email as well. Sometimes this could also mean we update our Publishers multiple times in a single import process, and then those updates are counted as successful transfers. Meaning if you have 2 publishers, and we import Zones and Channels (each time with the publishers) the result might show 4 successful Publisher transfers.

As of right now, we are checking ways to provide a better overview, but this is not a bug. The number of imported publishers will still match your connected third-party system!

This behavior currently affects the following imports:

  • Audience Targeting (Google AdManager & Xandr)

  • Publishers and Zones (AdButler)


To use this feature, we recommend that the user planning the jobs has a system administrator profile or similar, which will ensure all needed permissions are there.

You will need to make sure to enhance the page layouts of your connections (attention: each record type has their own layout) with the following:

  • Make sure to place the Lightning Action ‘Transfer to ADvendio’

  • To avoid confusion, remove the old feature ‘Transfer from AdServer’ from the list of buttons/lightning actions

  • add the related list ‘Scheduled Transfers’