[Transfer to ADvendio] How to automate the sync of audiences and videos between ADvendio and external platforms?


Google Ad Manager, Adswizz, Freewheel, Google Display&Video 360, Equativ(SMART), Xandr


System Administrator



Targeting specific audiences and managing video inventory can be a complex process, with new options becoming available and others becoming inactive within the AdServer, SSP or DSP. For features like Audience Targeting in ADvendio, it is necessary to ensure that IDs and other important information are synchronized between ADvendio and the connected features.

To maintain the accuracy and completeness of information in ADvendio's Campaign Item configuration, it is necessary to set up a recurring import of Connection IDs.

This automated synchronization is particularly useful for updating information related to:

  • inventory or video IDs,

  • often targeting criteria (such as Audience Targeting)

  • advertiser, agency, or creative data.



To automate synchronisation information between a connected system and ADvendio, use the 'Transfer to ADvendio' feature.

  • Go to the connection record and click the button ‘Transfer to ADvendio’:

Some imports might take a longer time, that’s why we recommend leaving enough time between two planned jobs:

For Audiences and Videos, you should plan with a two-hour difference.

Generally, we recommend to sync data no more than once a day for each specific type.

  • Once a process is finished, the user who planned the synch/import will receive an email with the results.

  • To view what processes have been planned, you can view them either in the Setup at Scheduled Jobs or view the related list on your connection record.

Attention: In the current version of the feature, you can delete planned transfers via the related list, but you can’t edit them. To modify an existing planning you will need to delete the scheduled transfer and then plan a new transfer.


To use this feature, we recommend that the user planning the jobs has a system administrator profile or similar, which will ensure all needed permissions are there. Also, the user should authorize the ADvendio-connected app, to allow the import of data into Salesforce.

You will need to make sure to enhance the page layouts of your connections.