4.19.2 How to submit and traffick Buying Orders and Items from ADvendio to a DSP or Social Media Platform


Once the configuration of Buying Orders and Items is finished, these settings need to be transferred directly to a DSP, in order to save the effort of manually reentering those information directly in the system.


To submit the Buying Campaigns, Buying Orders and Buying Item directly to a DSP, there is a button on the related list of the Buying Order.

Click the view all underneath the related list and select all Buying Items which should be submitted, by clicking the checkbox on the left side. Once done click the ‘Publish Buying Order’ button.

The processes starts and a new screen will open, when the submit was successful, you will receive a result mail. The screen also shows you a JobID, in case of trouble, this can be forwarded to ADvendio support, so they can have a closer look at what’s wrong.



no specific setup needed