4.19.4 How to resell media buying activities / reach extensions towards advertisers?


Additionally to selling the own inventory directly, how can ADvendio support in additionally offering reach extensions to advertisers. Those can be for example specific audiences, bought directly via a DSP or Social Media Platform.

Or if the buying activities have already been configured in ADvendio, how can those be 'sold' to an advertiser, in order to invoice them on the total media cost?


There are two ways to handle this. At the moment Media Campaigns are used for the ADvendio invoicing features, so we offer multiple ways to connect Buying Items with Campaign Items and Media Campaigns.

Selling of reach extensions in regular Media Campaigns

As a way to create a combined Media Campaign of the own inventory and reselling of bought inventory, we recommend the creation of own ad spec for these reselling activities.

Depending on how it’s planned those can be rather general names with a placeholder as price (e.g. a fixed price of 1.000$, which will later be replaced by the actual costs or whatever is offered to the advertiser)

The Ad Specs & Rates Manager can be used to configure those ‘products’.

Start planning the Media Campaign as regular, adding your campaign items and the planned reselling products as Campaign Items.

Once done go to your reselling Campaign Item and look for the Buying Item related list under the related tab:

Click the new button to create a new Buying Item, which will be automatically linked to your Campaign Item.

Fill in all the information required. You can link to an existing Buying Order or can use the interface to create a new Buying Order.

If the goal is to invoice based on actuals instead of a fixed predefined price, it’s possible to refer to the performance and cost field on the Buying Item.

Once the Buying Item is finished, those values can be copied to the linked Campaign Item. For example, the Campaign Item Sales Price can be replaced with the Media Cost of the Buying Item to simply invoice the total media cost to an advertiser as a fixed price.

To Invoice on a CPM base, it’s possible to synch the Buying Item eCPM as Campaign Item Sales Price and the number of Buying Item Impressions as Campaign Item Quantity.

Please note that such a sync works best, once the Buying Item is finished. It’s not possible to split the Campaign Item for a monthly invoicing, into multiple invoice items.

Generate Media Campaigns from your Buying Orders for Invoicing

It’s also possible to use this the other way around. Instead of creating the Media Campaign in advance, the Buying Order and Buying Item will be configured and sent to a DSP.

Once the item is finished, use the cost and performance information, to generate a new Campaign Item similar to the example given above, with either a fixed price or a CPM.



These synch features are not yet available as out of the box usable examples from ADvendio. However it is possible to use Salesforce customization to achieve these, for example with the help of Lightning Flows. Feel free to message your Technical Account Manager or support@advendio.com for more information.