AdServer Advertiser ID

Version < Version 2.106
Supported AdserversDFP

You only need to do this, if you are connecting DFP to ADvendio.  

Version 2.107 and up → Please use the How ADvendio matches your Salesforce Accounts with Advertisers, Agencies or Buyers in an external System? Object to connect. You can also use Adserver Advertiser ID Converter to migrate to the new object.

In order to map an ADvendio Account to an account/company on your adserver you have to enter an AdServer Advertiser ID in the account's related list "AdServer Advertiser IDs".  You can either navigate to the AdServer Advertiser ID Object using the App Launcher 

or open the Account you like to connect. Open the related lists and find the AdServer Advertiser IDs. This list can be found for Advertisers and Agencies alike with the matching extension: 

Here enter the

  • relevant ID in field ADServer Advertiser ID Name
  • link the AdServer Login and 
  • add the Accounttype

If you have more than one AdServer, i.e. DFP and Rubicon you might enter multiple ID records.

There are several cases which you might want to consider:

  1. If you have the account in ADvendio and in you ADserver enter the ID in ADvendio but make sure that the Account type matches otherwise you get an error message.
  2. If you created an account in ADvendio without ID the system will check on your ADserver by mapping the account name (String compare!) and type of account. 
    • If those match ADvendio will create the appropriate AdServer Advertiser ID record for you. 
    • If not, a new company will be created in your AdServer plus the AdServer Advertiser ID record in ADvendio will be created.

If you are using Smart please read here about 7.3.5 SMART specific Settings for the AdServer Advertiser ID. For FreeWheel read more here: 7.3.7 FreeWheel Features - Advertiser & Agency.