Predicting Ad Prices (Pilot)





ADvendio Artificial Intelligence (1.0)

Google AdManager (GAM), Xandr


Knowing how to correctly price inventory based on relevant criteria to optimize sales processes and planning.


ADvendio’s Artificial Intelligence extension provides users with a way to predict accurate Ad Prices for the coming three months. Using Google Cloud AI platform, a custom AI model is trained using historical data from either Google AdManager or Xandr which can then be used to predict individual or batch Ad Prices for the coming three months.

Individual Ad Price Prediction

To predict the price for a single Ad Price, simply navigate to the Ad Price using the App Launcher and press Predict Ad Price

The user then confirms they want to start price prediction for this particular Ad Price. Where the job has been started successfully, the user will be shown a success message and will receive a results email as soon as the process has finished.

The created/updated records can be seen in the Ad Price Prediction related list of the predicted Ad Price. Predictions are predicted on a monthly basis for the next three calendar months.

Bulk Ad Price Prediction

Up to 5,000 Ad Prices can be predicted per month. This can also take place is a scheduled batch job where Ad Price Predictions are created en masse for relevant Ad Prices.

The Salesforce Admin can schedule this batch job to run as frequently as they like, up to point where 5,000 Ad Prices have been predicted.