8.14 Setting up Ad Price Prediction (Pilot)





ADvendio Artificial Intelligence (1.0)

Google AdManager (GAM), Xandr


Setting up Ad Price Prediction to allow users to predict prices ad hoc or predicting prices in bulk to save time and provide users with the needed information up front.


Ad Price Prediction is provided as part of ADvendio’s Artificial Intelligence extension. This is currently in the pilot phase and requires the collection of information and training of custom AI models for customers. In order to use this, please contact support@advendio.com for more information.

In order for Ad Prices to be considered for price prediction, they need to be flagged as being relevant for price prediction. The field ADvendioAI__RelevantForPricePrediction__c needs to be set to true. A maximum of 5,000 Ad Prices can be predicted per month.

Single Ad Price Prediction

To enable single Ad Price prediction, the PredictPrice action button needs to be added to the Ad Price layout.

Batch Ad Price Prediction

To predict Ad Prices in bulk, simply schedule the Apex Class RunPricePredictionForAdPrice.


  • Contact support@advendio.com to discuss setting up your custom AI model using Google Cloud AI platform technology