6.1.9 Generating Swiss QR Bills


Creating invoices with an integrated payment slip with a QR code which meet the specifications of the Swiss QR bill regulations. The QR code should contain all information for easy, automatic and efficient payment.


Version 2.135 and up

ADvendio users can now avail of automated QR code generation and PDF placement for Swiss invoicing.

How to generate the QR Code?

The QR code portion of the invoice will be generated when the ESR type is set for an invoice. ESR type = ADvendio__ESRType__c.

Once the ESR type of the invoice is set, the payment part of the QR invoice will be shown on the Invoice PDF (landscape & portrait). This will be shown without the QR code. The QR code is only generated during the billing run, once all invoice information is finalised. The final payment section, including the QR code will look as follows

Before Billing Run

After Billing Run

The QR code will be inserted into the PDF and stored as a PNG file under the Notes & Attachments of a given invoice.

Which data is contained in the QR code?

The QR code should contain data which makes the payment of the invoice easy, automatic and efficient. Which information should be contained, and the format of that information, is strictly dictated in UNIFI (ISO 20022) and adhered to in the ADvendio QR code generation. For more information on the data elements of the QR code, please read here. 


  • the QR Code generation requires no specific setup
    • Where ESR type is set, the QR code and payment section will be generated
  • Ensure data is set up and configured correctly

For more information on the Swiss QR bill, please consult the following documentation: