How to submit custom reporting labels with your Xandr Item or Order?

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For Media Campaigns or Campaign Items submitted to Xandr from ADvendio, custom reporting labels (like Line Item Type) should be set with a specific value, to help identify the items from ADvendio better in the Xandr environment.


It’s already possible to automatically transfer the SalesRep or Trafficker from ADvendio to Xandr. However if other labels should also be set, or if the ADvendio default logic should be overridden, this can be done with the External Custom Fields feature.

This way any ADvendio field or Custom Field can be used as Reporting Label for Xandr. They will be automatically included in the submit process.

As a Sales Rep or Ad Ops team member, if you want to know which fields are used in your environment, please ask your administrator.

To configure the reporting labels, go to the connection record of your Xandr connection and click the new button on the related list of External Custom Fields.

Once the new button is clicked, a new custom field configuration can be entered.

This way you can decide which ADvendio Media Campaign Field will be used to set Insertion Order Reporting Labels and which ADvendio Campaign Item Field will be used to set Line Item Labels. Please enter the following information:

External Custom Field Name: The technical name of the reporting label you want to fill, see the list below for help or access the Xandr documentation

Connection: Should be automatically filled with the connection you are coming from

Data Field Path: Which field from ADvendio should be used for the reporting label. Either Campaign Item or Media Campaign fields can be used. It’s not possible to use fields from related objects (like Ad Spec linked to a Campaign Item) Please use the following format:




If own custom fields should be used, make sure to skip the ADvendio nameprefix so it looks like this:



Which Reporting Labels are offered and how can you fill them?

For Xandr there are a few default reporting labels to use. Please keep in mind that Insertion Orders are closely tied to Media Campaigns and Line Items to Campaign Items, so you can only use fields of those objects for each.

Insertion Order Labels:

  • insertion_order_type

  • trafficker_for_insertion_order

  • salesrep_for_insertion_order

You can only use Media Campaign fields for the Insertion Order Labels


Line Item Labels:

  • line_item_type

  • trafficker_for_line_item

  • salesrep_for_line_item

You can only use Campaign Item fields for the Line Item Labels


Make sure that the related list for External Custom Fields is added to the page layout of your Xandr Connections.

Make sure that your System Administrator as well as the users performing the submit to Xandr, will have at least read access on the External Custom Field object and all related fields.