4.4.11 What are the most common error massages for our Xandr integration and how to fix them?


While using our Xandr integration with features like check availability or the submit, an error message appears that is coming directly from the Xandr API. What does this mean and what are the best ways to handle this?


What does an error from the API mean?

When submitting data from ADvendio into external platforms, there are always to platforms involved. ADvendio as the system which sends data and the external platform (e.g. the AdServer) which receives data. While we try to focus our application on validating the item configuration within ADvendio, so that we're not sending faulty data in our requests, there are still certain cases where an error is returned and shown in our interface as well as the result email:

This can have different reasons, for example a problem with the authentication against the external system, a missing setting in ADvendio, or you are trying something which is generally not allowed (like changing the start date of an already running position). Following we are looking at the most common error messages returned from our Xandr integration, what they mean and how to prevent them.

What are the most common error cases?

Also have a look here 7.8 Error Messages.

Error MessageReasonSolution
Id: SYNTAX, Code: INVALID_COUNTRY_ACTION, Message: country_action must be set to exclude when country_targets are emptyYou are trying to submit an Item of type Augmented, without any geo targeting set. Please be aware that Xandr requires at least one selected geo targeting criteria when using Augmented line items.

You can use our geo targeting features in the Media Configuration to change this or enhance your AdSpec definition, to automatically use certain geo targeting for each Campaign Item related to that product.

See also our wiki for more information: Augmented Line Items

(No Ad Server Specified or it is inactive: null)Our Gateway can not find which AdServer it needs to communicate with. The Item you're using is maybe not connected to an AdServer.

Check two things:

For your campaign item, has the connected AdType an AdServer Login entered?

If that is true, is the AdServer Login in ADvendio set to active? If inactive it will be ignored from our Gateway.