How to connect an AdServer / SSP to ADvendio?


System Administrator


System Administrator

External Systems

Google Ad Manager, Adswizz, Freewheel, Xandr, Smart


An AdServer is used to distribute ads directly on your inventory. For many AdServers and SSPs, ADvendio supports a direct end to end integration. This means you can:

  • create, manage and push your Orders and Line Items directly from ADvendio into the system

  • forecast your planning on the fly to make sure everything is available for your customers

  • automatically import performance and invoicing relevant actuals

So what needs to be done in order to connect your AdServer to ADvendio?



To use the features of ADvendio, there are different direct integrations of AdServers and SSPs available.

These are the systems currently supported:

  • Google AdManager (AdServer + SSP)

  • Xandr (AdServer + SSP)

  • Freewheel

  • SMART AdServer

  • Adswizz

To use the direct integration a connection record needs to be created.

Via the app launcher, go to connections and click the new button to create a new connection.

Select the record type of the system you want to connect and then enter the required information, like user name, password, api token or similar.

Here is an overview about which information are needed for which specific system.

Google AdManager requires to generate an OAuth Token in order continue. This can be done with a simple click on the button ‘Generate OAuth Token’ on the connection.

Once all information are entered, click check login button, to see if everything is configured correctly.

Import of Targeting IDs and next steps

Once the basic connection is configured you can start to synch targeting criteria and other IDs between your AdServer and ADvendio. Our targeting import wizard, can support you in that step.

See also which IDs are supported for which system: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/1613398028

This step is needed for the creation of orders and items, as those ids represent your inventory and specific targeting criteria such as key values and audiences.


In order to configure your AdServer connection, make sure that the user doing those steps has sufficient edit rights to the following:

  • Object Connection and all fields

  • Object Additional Login and all fields

  • the relevant records types of the Connection object

See also this page for additional guidance on the required permissions:


We generally recommend that the configuration of connections will be done by a user with system administrator permissions, in order to make sure there will be no conflicts.