How to configure Audio formats for Google AdManager


2.137 and up

External Systems

Google AdManager


Product Manager - Product Manager / Sales Support / Marketing; System Administrator


Google AdManager now also offers Audio ads, additional to its video formats. What needs to be done in order to create these line items from ADvendio?


In oder to create Audio Line Items, there needs to be certain configuration done on the Ad Type. Relevant are especially two fields:

  • Environment Type: Please set this to Video Player, in order to create line items of the Video/Audio type in Google

  • Master: This sets the slot size to be used, please set this to Audio

The Audio size can also be used in other slot size related fields, like forecasting slot or reporting slot. For an overview about these feature see also: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/41910310

All other Ad Type fields for Google AdManager can be configured as usual. Once the new Ad Type is used in an Ad Spec and has an Ad Price, Campaign Items can be created via Media Search and submitted to Google AdManager.


In order to access this feature, the System Administrator might need to manually add a new picklist value to the relevant slot fields:

  • Master

  • Forecast Slots

  • Report Slots (AI)

  • Report Slots (Clicks)

  • Report Slots (Viewed AI)

Simply add a new picklist value named ‘Audio’ and assign it to the AdManager record type.