How to create unreserved items in Google AdManager.

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When creating Campaign Items in ADvendio and sending them over to the Google AdManager, default setting is to reserve all inventory.

This means that any Sites / Ad Units you book are blocked for your item and the number of impressions you are booking. Other Campaign Items, see this part of the inventory as not available, when checking availability.

There is however also the possibility to send of Campaign Items as unreserved to Google AdManager.


To do this, the AdServer Status field on the Campaign Item needs to be set to the right status, before submitting your Campaign Item to Google AdManager.


How the correct status to select is called, depends on the local configuration. Please ask your System Administrator for more information. We generally recommend to call this status something like: unreserved or released.

Is there a way to reserve inventory at a later stage?

If at one point in the future the inventory should be reserved for the item, this can also be started from ADvendio, by setting the status to active or paused and push the ‘Update Ad-Status in AdServer’ button again.


In order to use this feature, there is some configuration needed by the System Administrator.

If the field AdServer Status is not visible on Campaign Item, please check if the needed permissions are part of the user profile and that the field is part of the configured page layout.

Then a mapping needs to be defined for the field. As ADvendio uses the same status field for all integrated systems, our customers can define how they want to call the status selectable in ADvendio and what status this means in the connected systems.

For this specific case, there needs to be a status that maps to the Google AdManager status ‘released’


More information on how to define this can be found here:


In the mapping configuration, it might be the case that Google AdManager is still referred to under it’s old name DFP