How to manually map your Salesforce Accounts to Advertisers / Agencies in external systems?


ADvendio offers many features to make sure Salesforce Accounts are connected with the right advertisers or agencies in an external system. We try to match those data automatically as good as possible, but there might be reasons where a customer wants to manually configure how accounts are mapped:

  • When different spellings of the advertiser name are used across different systems and there should be only one parent Account in ADvendio

  • Our integration does not support a complete automated matching process

  • Or during initial implementation or when going live, a base mapping should be established to prevent mistakes, especially when dealing with external systems which are already in use.


In order to manually proceed with the mapping of Salesforce Accounts to advertisers, agencies or buyers in external systems, the steps from below should be taken.

First, the account IDs need to be synced between ADvendio and the external system. In most cases this can be simply done by using our transfer to ADvendio feature, while selecting the option “Accounts”.

If the transfer feature is not supported for the respective external system or you want to update only a single ID, you can do so by directly creating connection ID records.

Please make sure to fill the following fields:

Connection ID Name: The name of the advertiser as used in the connected system

ID/Legacy ID: The technical ID of the advertiser. Our Google Display & Video 360 integration uses the ID field, while all others require a Legacy ID

Category: Set it to Accounts

Type: Depending on integration, this can be set either to Advertiser, Agency or Programmatic Buyer

Connection: Choose the relevant connection record from ADvendio.

Then go directly to the Account record, and then to the External Account IDs related list.

Click the new button to create a new record and fill the following information:

ID: please enter the ID the advertiser has within the external system, this will be the same as the ID/Legacy ID used in the Connection ID Record

External System: Set this to Adserver (even if dealing with a SSP or DSP)

Connection ID: Link the connection ID of the advertiser as either imported before or manually created according to this article

Click the save button to save the changes and the mapping is done. Now when using the Account for a Media Campaign, the mapped advertiser will automatically be used during Submit process.



To find out the ID of an advertiser from a connected system, check the reporting features of the UI to see if the advertiser’s ID can be displayed. Otherwise, look throughout the UI for the ID or in the URL where it is usually displayed as a GET parameter like in Google Ad Manager: