Breaking Changes: Version 2.140 Creation of Seamless insertion orders with an unlimited end date

What is changing?

With version 2.140 we’re changing the way we create seamless insertion orders to Xandr.

Before the change, seamless insertion orders were created with a fixed billing period, based on Media Campaign start and end date:

With version 2.140, we’re setting only the start date of the insertion order:

Why are we doing this?

Setting a billing period on the insertion order in Xandr works as a planning base for all connected Line Items. This also means all line items are limited by the defined billing period. They can not have a start or end date outside of the billing period.

This logic is causing some challenges when trying to optimize your Media Campaigns in ADvendio. After a billing period has ended, you can’t modify it anymore. This means for example if you add new Campaign Items for Xandr to an existing Media Campaign, it might be that these changes can’t be pushed from ADvendio to Xandr and you need to either, put them to a new Media Campaign or manually transfer them the Xandr.

With the new approach, there are no limitations to adding new items to a Xandr order.

How doe these changes affect me?

Once version 2.140 is installed, all new Media Campaigns will be pushed as unlimited seamless insertion orders. Already existing Media Campaigns / Orders in Xandr will not be affected and can be updated as before.

This change will only affect seamless insertion orders, standard orders will not be affected.

An unlimited billing period will not mean, that there is an overdelivery of your items. Campaign Items are still limited by their start and end date and will not deliver impressions outside of those dates.